Hotel barge cruising ( barging ) in France

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Hotel barge cruising ( barging ) is the perfect way to spend a vacation. Well described as the connossieur's way of travel in this crowded age, former commercial barges adapted for barge cruising offer not only a unique view of the essential France but an opportunity to meet and make friends with the locals, not always easy on other types of conducted tour. Many will indeed be barge and hotelboat owners or lockkeepers themselves, ready to exchange a friendly greeting in a busy lock as we pass through. The barge MERGANSER, carrying a maximum of seven passengers, boasts excellent cuisine, first rate tours, and a knowledgeable and attentive crew. Cabins, of which there are three twin and two singles, are all en-suite, and provide good accommodation for all types of travellers. Groups of five or more passengers may have, should they so desire, exclusive use of the barge. This short video, filmed during recent seasons, gives a flavour of the cruise we offer.
Canal lock in stormy weather                                                        Video of the Cruise
lock in stormy weather

A full description of our hotel barge Merganser, the route which the barge will be cruising during 2021 and full description of the route is available on We shall be delighted to do everything in our power to personalise your holiday in respect of travel arrangements, dietary requirements and answer any queries you may have about Merganser, or the itineraries. Your comments will always be welcome as will any suggestions you may have for future itineraries.

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Cruise barge Merganser: features, cabin plan

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